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Identilab offers Australia’s most reliable DNA testing for legal purposes including family law & immigration requirements, in addition to at home tests.

We have at home DNA test kits where you collect the samples yourself, or legal DNA testing options where you have your samples collected by a medical professional.

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At home
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Legally admissible
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DNA test
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Legally admissible
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Additional father – Legally admissible parentage

From $195.00

Identilab offers NATA accredited paternity tests for legal purposes, such as in Family Law disputes (custody, child support), and for changing birth certificates. By following the instructions provided, your samples will satisfy the requirements set out in the Family Law Act 1975.

A legal paternity test tells you if a man is the biological father of a child. Because children inherit half their DNA from their dad and the other half from their mum, comparing a child’s DNA profile with that of the questioned father shows how likely it is that the child inherited their DNA from them. At Identilab, we look at 23 DNA markers (as well as 2 markers that tell us the sex of the person), meaning you are getting the best results available.

You don’t need a referral from your doctor or a court order to undertake a court-admissible paternity test.

This legally admissible paternity test kit contains testing for the known mother, the alleged father and one child (additional children can be tested for $195 each). We highly recommend including samples from both parents to ensure you are getting the most reliable results.

It is often possible to perform paternity testing even when the alleged father is deceased. Please contact us on 1300 114 294 to discuss your specific situation.

If you want to know if you are the mother of a child, you’ll need our maternity DNA test.

Don’t want to order online? Download and complete our application form and return it to us via email, fax or post.

There are 3 easy steps to
find out if you are the
father of a child:

1. Order

Place your order online or by contacting us by phone, email or through our contact form. We’ll send your collection kits that day if ordered by 12pm on a weekday (Brisbane time). Orders received on a weekend or after 12pm on a weekday will be sent the next business day. Kits are sent in discreet packaging via Australia Post and there is an Express Post option for an additional fee.

2. Collect

Your collection kit includes full instructions on how to have your samples collected by your chosen medical professional. It’s just a swab from inside the mouth – no blood tests required. Please note that any charges for this collection are to be negotiated with the collector and are not covered by Identilab testing fees. A security satchel and pre-paid envelope are included for returning the samples to the laboratory. If you are located in Brisbane, we can collect your samples in our office at no charge.

3. Results

Once we have all the samples at the lab, we’ll perform our testing as quickly as possible. You’ll receive your results via email within 5 business days of us receiving your samples (providing the samples are of good quality and additional testing is not required).

Have questions? Contact us

Do you want the results for your own personal information and not for legal purposes?

You might prefer our at home paternity test.

Not sure which test you need? Give us a call on 1300 114 294 to discuss your needs and options.

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Additional father – Legally admissible parentage

Got questions? Contact us
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